Hi! I got back from disneyland on April 10th. I met Cinderella, Mickey,Minnie ,Goofy (we ran into him alot). We saw some other characters like The Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland, Cruella DeVil and Pluto. I made my own hat there too. The only character I wanted to see was Cinderella. She is one of the HARDEST to meet! We were just around Sleeping Beautys castle then I see Cinderella and her god mother walk by. She talked to me for like 5 minutes then we got a pic then went. I LOVED toon town! I met Minnie there then went into her house. I loved her house too.  Donald and Miss Daisys boat was pretty cool! We went to Universal Studios and met Shrek,Princess Fiona and Spongebob. Universal wasn’t as fun as Disney though. I had a fun time there though!


Hows it goin?

Hey guys! Its long weekend! Hooray! Im just chatting with my friend and doing my blog.  Thecomputernerd01 is doing a parody of Never Say Never! The song says Never Say Never but he IS saying never! Its so dumb! So if you havent checked out thecomputernerd01 check him out RIGHT NOW! Well cya!


Hey wassup? Just over a month untill disneyland! Im so  exited.  Have you checked out thecomputernerd01 yet? well you should. Also check out icanhascheezburger.com Heres the link for both:  Computernerd01’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thecomputernerd01?blend=1&ob=4                                icanhascheezburger:http://icanhascheezburger.com/ check them out its pretty awesome. If you like Justin Bieber your CRAZY. Or Bustin Jieber your STILL crazy!

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Hey guys! Only 1 month and 12 days untill I fly to LA! I hope i meet Taylor Swift! We are going on April 5th. I have to decide between a Camera or a Ipod. Can you tell me which one i should get? Tell me in the comments!  Check out thecomputernerd01 on youtube!

Whats up?

Hey guys! A week ago my mom got the tickets to Taylor Swift and they came in the mail on Saturday! So anyway … In January my Nana and Papa did a video call with my family on the computer and they told us we are going to disneyland in April! Im so exited! The preteen dance was 2 weeks ago and it was really fun.  On youtube my friend showed me Justin Bieber SHOT on CSi! We were so happy!  Speaking of youtube check out thecomputernerd01! Taylor Swift recently came out with a new album Speak Now. Im listening to the album right now. Last month we were cleaning out the basement and my mom found some boxes and it had my disney princess snow globe and my Porcealan Cinderella. We packed it away at the end of my princess phase. This year is starting out to be Memories. April will be a BIG memory. Because of Disneyland. When i was little i kept on asking my parents ‘Can we go to disneyland?’ My dad got tired of answering the question so he said Disneyland burnt down. Well talk to you later! Peace out suckers!!

Kitteh singing


October 28
I was just watching the NEW episode of Wizards online. 2morrow I have to bring my costume 2 school and wear it in the afternoon. So yeah…
Im being Alex Russo and a Vampire. Its a mix of Alex Russo and Juilette Vanhouson. Juilette was a vampire on Wizards but she turned her ACTUAL age. 😦 I love juilette i would ask my parents to bite me again if i was a vampire and i turned my actual age. Mason is back on Wizards as FULL human 😀 ❤ Alex is dating Mason and im being Alex for halloween. Mason has a british accent and hes a werewolf. Its PERFECT a British Werewolf!