Hi! I got back from disneyland on April 10th. I met Cinderella, Mickey,Minnie ,Goofy (we ran into him alot). We saw some other characters like The Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland, Cruella DeVil and Pluto. I made my own hat there too. The only character I wanted to see was Cinderella. She is one of the HARDEST to meet! We were just around Sleeping Beautys castle then I see Cinderella and her god mother walk by. She talked to me for like 5 minutes then we got a pic then went. I LOVED toon town! I met Minnie there then went into her house. I loved her house too.¬†¬†Donald and Miss Daisys boat was pretty cool! We went to Universal Studios and met Shrek,Princess Fiona and Spongebob. Universal wasn’t as fun as Disney though. I had a fun time there though!